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We are the ultimate ‘timepiece specialists’ offering all kinds of suggestions and solutions for your watches and clocks. Be it repairing, designing or refurbishing, our expert technicians are highly skillful in offering the best counsel.


The best part about us is we repair your clocks and watches by engaging our in-house technicians rather sending the devices to other repair centers. To explain in simple terms, we are not middlemen, rather the original service providers.


Our specialists are CMW21 and CMC21 certified and hence know all about the modern watches and clocks. They offer fabulous design suggestions and or, if you have any design requirements or proposals, grasp your idea and replicate the exact design in your mind.


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Be it modern piece or antique piece, our expert professionals are all-rounders and has profound knowledge about all types of timepieces. You can approach us for, as simple as cell replacement to complete device cleaning or oiling. We ensure the following from our repair service,


All the replacement parts like, straps, crown pushers, dials etc. are original manufacturer’s replacements.The clocks and watches are subjected to efficient ultrasonic cleaning with appropriate cleaning agents and solutions.You can either visit us to get them repaired or login to our website to input your problems and send over your devices to us. We assure you a reliable and timely service.




We understand how your timepieces can be sentimental to you, especially if gifted by the loved ones. We can resurrect any watches and clocks to life and hence, contact us without any hesitations. Our restoration service offers,Exact manufacturer’s replacements including color and design.Two year warranty on the entire parts and service.Both online and in-store consultations.




We believe in the creativity of our customers and hence happy to help you on your design requirements and suggestions for both clocks and watches. We have uploaded various designs for individual parts in our website. You can select from them to create a new, spectacular watch model. Or, if you have

your own specific recommendations, we are more than happy to oblige.We have a specific app for design suggestions and highly encourage you to download it in your mobile for easy accessibility. The app is available for both android and iOS smartphones. Thus, we can help you in whatever way you want us to help you, on issues pertaining to timepieces.

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These clocks are highly helpful for the blind people as these help them to perceive time by touching. The analog hands are designed in such a way that even when the person touches them, their functions are not disrupted.

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